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Building Management Systems

At Controlworks, we design tailored Building Management Systems to meet your needs.

Modern BMS technology truly is a marvel. Contemporary systems can perform nearly any function you need it to do. You need a company that listens to exactly what that is, and then builds a system to meet those needs, whether it be minimal functionality or the full bells-and-whistles.

Delivering the best solution for you

At Controlworks, we take an ethical approach to our sales and consultancy. That means we will only ever recommend a product or service that fits your needs as a customer.

Full visibility

When commissioned as your BMS provider, we ensure you have full visibility of everything we deliver, via a state of the art management system

Training and support

We get that some clients are more hands-on than others. We are happy to provide comprehensive user training in managing BMS and building automation or to provide industry-leading Support Services to an agreed contract.

We empower your staff to solve issues that arise in building management systems. Let us help you reduce downtime and improve your systems

Our process


We talk to our clients to understand their pain-points and frustrations


We investigate the root causes of all problems and draw up a plan for remedial action


We deliver cutting-edge BMS, per spec, as promised

Why you choose us?

Whether your needs are for standard HVAC services, energy monitoring systems, complex data centre management or something entirely different, the team at Controlworks are able to craft a tailored Building Management System to meet your needs.
Controlworks have delivered BMS and automation systems across disparate market sectors within New Zealand, including the health, education, commercial and private sectors.

We work on the sole basis of what is best for you as a customer. That means we won’t recommend a particular product if we can optimise an existing infrastructure to provide the same value. We take into account cost/benefit analysis in all of our work, only making recommendations once we have a thorough understanding of your current frustrations, needs, and existing systems.

In designing and delivering your BMS solution, we work to your bespoke requirements, providing full training and support, and are committed to 100% transparency, ensuring your systems are fully visible and controllable by you. Our comprehensive centralised control systems integrate seamlessly with third party services identified during the discovery and design stages of your project.

Where you wish to retain your existing BMS contractor relationship and use our services in a consultative or systems analysis capacity, we can work collaboratively provider improve performance and save costs.

Talk to us today to get the ball rolling.