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Electrical Infrastructure

Controlworks offer fully qualified, experienced electricians, with a clear understanding of electrical installs for modern building projects.

You’re experienced enough to know that a disconnect can sometimes occur where multiple contractors are deployed on a project. How can you be confident that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing?

Visibility across
the entire project

By using Controlworks as your electrical contractor, you mitigate the risks associated with using multiple contractors, especially when you combine our electrical services with specialist Systems Analysis and Building Management Systems


Deploying our team across different elements of your build allows for tighter planning and project management. Forget long waits in between teams of contractors turning up to perform their part

Reduced costs

By using Controlworks to manage the control elements of your electrical switchboards, as well as deploying the electrics directly, you effectively kill two birds with one stone, resulting in a direct cost saving

We empower your staff to solve issues that arise in building management systems. Let us help you reduce downtime and improve your systems

Our process


Engage with the customer to fully spec your bespoke electrical needs


Carry out electrical installs ourselves, using our team of highly experienced, fully qualified electrical engineers


Provide ongoing automation commissioning, management and first class support to your business

Why you choose us?

Sure, you could engage three separate contractors to perform the mechanical, electrical and controls contracting for your project.

Truthfully, the benefits of using one specialist contractor to perform all three roles are self-evident.

By choosing us to undertake all three tasks, you not only benefit from the oodles of experience we have in our team, you also reduce the likelihood of communication mishaps, say goodbye to scheduling delays and mitigate the chances of problems arising due to squabbles over the ownership of problems.

We take care of it all, saving you time, money, hassle and heartache.

Make sense? Call us today to get started.