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Maintenance and Service

Controlworks are your Guardian Angels, working efficiently and proactively to identify issues before they become problems and ensuring seamless performance of your HVAC, building automation and control systems.

We recognise that the key to success in our work is in ensuring a smooth experience for our customers and their workers. That’s why we proactively identify before issues become they faults and maintain infrastructure to the highest of standards.

Proactive Monitoring

Using the latest technology, we proactively monitor all your building systems and processes, in order to anticipate issues BEFORE they become faults.

Rigorous maintenance testing

We won’t be strangers. We’ll be on-site to perform regular maintenance and operability testing on all your building controls and automations.

Minimised downtime

By taking preventative measures seriously, we minimise problems and downtime leading to less frustration and more productivity in the workplace.

We empower your staff to solve issues that arise in building management systems. Let us help you reduce downtime and improve your systems

Our process


Agree an appropriate maintenance schedule for your systems


Remotely monitor and proactively manage


Regularly attend site for full system calibration and testing

Why you choose us?

Why wait for an issue to become a problem?

It is always better to identify potential faults early, in order to mitigate before they cause any real pain. When it comes to building management systems, your customers need the security and comfort of knowing that their sophisticated air conditioning, electrics, and lighting systems will “just work”.

That’s where we come in. Controlworks’ preventive maintenance approach sustains building performance while reducing the incidence and cost of hardware failure.

With a proven track record in minimising downtime and supporting increased comfort and energy efficiency for clients across a range of industries including high profile customers in the health and education sectors, Controlworks are New Zealand’s leading provider of HVAC and BAS service and preventative maintenance.

Our professional team of service technicians boast extensive experience across the entire spectrum of HVAC systems and control technologies, and work collaboratively with your third party providers and contractors.

Get in touch with us for a discussion about how we can help.