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Systems Analysis

Our experienced independent commissioning contractors are past masters when it comes to identifying improvements within your existing infrastructure and recommending a course of action to increase efficiency while reducing costs.

When energy consumption seems high or things simply don’t work as they should, you need proven experts who can identify improvements that reduce complaints, decrease energy consumption and save you money.

We empower your staff to solve issues that arise in building management systems. Let us help you reduce downtime and improve your systems

Our process


We evaluate your existing systems and ask you about your most common problems and frustrations


We draw up a plan to take remedial action and improve efficiencies, while saving cash.


We implement solutions, in conjunction with third party providers.

Why you choose us?

Whether you are looking at overhauling your building management systems entirely or just need to get better results from the current infrastructure, Controlworks are the smart choice to meet and exceed your expectations.

We often work in a consultative capacity at the design phase of new buildings, providing valued input and advice to consulting engineers, builders and mechanical contractors that ensure tangible benefits in terms of energy consumption rates and interoperability between systems.

We can work as your Building Management Systems contractor or in conjunction with a third party BMS organisation, to bridge the information and communication gap that can often exist where multiple parties are working on a project.
Because we understand and work across building controls, BMS, BAS, electrical infrastructure, maintenance and support, our team pre-emptively identify problems that other parties often don’t. Our involvement in a project ensures the integrity of implementation that is faithful to the original design and accomplishes the real-world benefits envisaged at the outset of your project.

Our systems analysis consultants can also be deployed post-implementation, with a remit of resolving repeat complaints. We achieve this by examining the current infrastructure and recommending changes that work with existing hardware or with minimal investment, in order to improve efficiencies and comfort for tenants and workers.
At Controlworks, our strength lies in being more than just an energy consultancy. With experience across countless projects spanning multiple niche industries, our team have valuable insight that allows us to retroactively optimise underperforming systems and make changes that allow you to realise their full potential and meet your needs.

Call us today to get started.